Take The Stress Out Of Your First Trip To The Dispensary

Take The Stress Out Of Your First Trip To The Dispensary in Cave Creek

Sometimes trying new things can be overwhelming. Going to a dispensary for the very first time can be one of those experiences. With a few simple tips, your first visit to a Cave Creek dispensary will be a pleasantly successful venture.

The first thing best kept in mind is going to a dispensary and purchasing cannabis is 100 percent legal, and the stigma attached to using cannabis has faded greatly over the years. Even the medical community is beginning to acknowledge the benefits of its use.

Shopping for cannabis in a legal dispensary with a friendly knowledgeable staff eases some of the trepidation which may come along with your first. Arizona Natural Concepts has a sense of tranquility as soon as you walk through the doors, we are here to make our patients as comfortable as possible.


The requirements to legally purchase Marijuana in Arizona necessitate that a patient be 21 years of age or have a valid Arizona medical card. Valid identification will be required to shop. Examples of acceptable ID are:

  • -A passport
  • -Active military (with picture and DOB)
  • -Native American tribe card
  • -Driver’s license

Temporary drivers’ licenses are accepted as well. Please be sure your ID is not expired and has a clear photograph. If you just turned 21, your ID would need to be flipped within 30 days of your 21st birthday for it to be valid at the shop.

Your information will not be given to anyone, therefore, there is no need to worry if you are attempting to keep your cannabis use private. Patient privacy is always taken seriously at our Cave Creek Dispensary.

As a recreational patient in Arizona, you are permitted to purchase up to one ounce of flower and five grams of concentrates. Edible purchases are limited to 100mg overall AND must have specifications to be dosed out in 10mg increments, or lower. Some edible products are 100mg, but lack dosing guidelines that are recreationally friendly, those edibles are reserved for medical patients.


In Arizona, (as with most recreational states) recreational patients can expect to pay extra taxes imposed by the state. Generally, the tax rate hovers around 24 percent. As a result, we suggest patients’ budget for that unexpected exorbitant tax.

Your budget will also be impacted by what products you choose to purchase. Prices will vary based on not only the amount purchased, but also the types of products. ANC runs daily specials on a variety of products which are always listed on our website and through our app.

Although cannabis is legal in Arizona, it is still federally illegal. Therefore, credit and debit cards cannot be processed at our shop. However, we do have two ATMs onsite if you do not have cash with you when you arrive.

We ask you to not use your cellphone while past the glass inside of our shop, but please feel free to take a picture or calls outside or in our waiting room. Feel free to tag us on Instagram if you want to commemorate your trip!


After you have checked in and are awaiting your turn to shop, you will be seated in our waiting area. Be sure to check out the history of cannabis on our back wall! Occasionally, you can expect to see a vendor onsite with a brand our dispensary carries. This person will educate you on their product as well as the special ANC is running on their brand that day.

Every so often there will be a bit of a wait time, but that is simply due to our budtenders taking their time with each patient. ANC has a heavy focus on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and our team enjoys helping patients find what will suit them best. We understand individual needs, and we take the time to ensure they are being met.


We suggest our first time patients have an idea of what type of effects they are, or are not, looking to experience. For instance, if you are looking for uplifting effects, a Sativa strain is ideal. On the other hand, if you are having trouble relaxing or sleeping, an Idica strain would be best. Hybrid strains will offer a delicate balance of both. Do you have ailments you are looking to treat? ANC handpicks each item on our shelves, with a focus on making sure we are stocked with items to best help our patients. Cannabis has come a long way, and our team will help you navigate the complexities of these new found waters.

One somewhat off kilter thing to aware of…be sure to ask your budtender for a tip on how to open the bag used to transport your items. They are child proof yet have managed to fool more than their fair share of adults.


ANC is also home to three house brands which produce their products directly within the confines of the building. Tipsy Turtle, an edible company focused on snack brand edibles for both the sweet and salty palette. Yummy Gummy, a gummy brand which changes their flavors seasonally and produces limited edition runs of specialty infused gummies. Achieve, a concentrate brand focused on producing top tier quality extracts, including RSO and live resin.

ANC encourages patients to ask questions. There is never a need to feel rushed in our shop, our goal is to make sure you leave with products to suit your individual needs.

If you do not have the proper tools to consume your cannabis, we also have a selection of glass pieces, rolling papers and electric dab rigs. Your budtender will help you determine which piece is best suited for your particular needs.

Additionally, smoking cannabis in a public space is still illegal in Arizona, unless you are attending a cannabis consumption event. You are not allowed to consume cannabis on dispensary property.

The team at ANC is eager to help you navigate your way through a trip to our dispensary! For more information and deals please be sure to download our app so you can begin earning points in our shop.








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