High Dose Edibles Benefit Medical Marijuana Patients

High Dose Edibles Serve As Benefit To Medical Patients

High dose edibles have a place within the cannabis community and are a mainstay for many medicinal patients. The consumption of edibles is a mixed bag for some, but for those who are familiar with their use, they are a key component to aiding in the treatment of various ailments, especially edibles in higher doses.


How Tolerance Effects Your Dose

As we know, the longer you use cannabis, the higher your tolerance becomes. Medical patients usually have symptoms which require daily consumption. As time passes, their dosage needs increase to maintain relief.

Why Medical Patients Require Access To High Dose Edibles

It is more cost effective for a high dose patient to have access to edibles in doses greater than 10mg per piece, especially if they are at a dose of 50mg or greater per day. High dose options allow medical patients to eat less yet still maintain their dose.

Every individual will process edibles differently, meaning, some will need a higher dose to start, those individuals will require greater doses early on.


A Cautionary Tale – When The State Criminalizes High Dose Edibles

In some states access to high dose edibles has been denied to all patients; in those states it is criminal to produce and sell anything over a 100mg per bag with each piece totaling no more than 10mg. No single serving edibles over 10mg per piece are available for purchase.

Patient testimonials in Washington state prove high dose edibles are necessary, and the denied access has caused an outcry from the medical cannabis community.

An excerpt from a 2016 article captures the conundrum faced by high dosed medical patients, “Until the ban, she said, she served 281 patients — including 165 with a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. Her products were sold in select Washington dispensaries. With the ban in place, she said, ‘I can’t stop crying about it. I don’t think it’s going to help anybody.’ For her, it’s about compassion. For the state, it’s about safety.”

Keeping Your Loved Ones & Edibles Safe

Safety is of utmost importance, but that should not diminish the needs of the medical community. Especially considering, high dose edibles have a large part in keeping chronic pain patients off opioids. Making the case for keeping the medical program alive and supported in Arizona.

The concern over minors gaining access to infused foods which “appeal to children” is valid. However, the longer cannabis infused treats exist, the more experience brands and dispensaries gain in the arena of keeping edibles out of the hands of children.

States have been regulating edibles on larger scales with every legislative session. Labeling, the shapes of edibles and the pictures used on packaging have all been regulated to make them less appealing to children.

The best way to make sure these edibles do not end up in the hands of children and still in the hands of medical patients. Mindfulness of where you leave your medicine is crucial.  Similar to alcohol and prescription medications, keep them in a place children do not have access to. Furthermore, an honest conversation about the medicine in certain foods, AKA your medicine, is never a bad place to begin.

Beloved household pets have also had the tendency to get into their owner’s edibles, causing trips to the emergency room veterinarian, another cause for pulling high dose edibles from the shelves in other states. Just like your other medications, edibles are best kept away from your furry friends.

Edible Education Is Key

The lack of education surrounding edible use is also cause for some of the issues surrounding their consumption. The problems usually occur when an unsuspecting patient ingests more than they are ready to handle. Which is why understanding how edibles work and how to find your dose is key.


Our Favorite High Dose Edibles

Arizona Natural Concepts has some enjoyable options for high dose edible patients. House brand Yummy Gummy is a medically focused line with high dosed fully infused gummies in indica, 1:1 hybrid and sativa. These flavorful gummies are available in 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 100mg and 500mg options.

ANC’s other house brand, Tipsy Turtle, offers some delightful fully infused medical options as well. Snappers, a crowd favorite, are 50mg per piece. Snappers are a sweet and salty snack with infused caramel drizzled in chocolate and sandwiched between two waffle pretzels. Tipsy Turtle also offers their original flavored tracks in 500mg bags. These salty crunchy snacks are your favorite chex mix cooked in a savory buttery infusion.

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