How To Properly Enjoy An Edible


Most of us have that one friend who ate 1000mg of cannabis infused edibles and was not right for a few days. Lack of planning on the part of the individual has led to more than one disagreeable encounter with edibles, but it does not have to be that way.

Typically, it takes roughly 30 minutes for the effects of the edibles to be felt. However, that is not always the case, it can take up to two hours for the full effect to be recognized.

There are a multitude of factors which will change how quickly your body processes your cannabis infused snack, such as:

  • How much food is in your stomach will directly affect how quickly your edible is processed by your digestive system. If your stomach is empty, the edible will hit you hard and fast, it may not be the most pleasant experience. If your stomach is full, your body must digest the food already there before it makes it to the edible. It is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears type scenario, always looking for that happy medium.
  • Dehydration will also hasten the onset of your edible journey; however, it will not be agreeable. Cannabis is known to pull water from the body, and edibles seem to have top billing in that arena, so making sure you are not dehydrated is key, especially living in the desert.
  • Sleep deprivation is known to amplify the negatives in most situations, and edibles are no different. If you are tired, the affects will again come on hard and fast, making it incredibly difficult to control.
  • The type of edible will also change how quickly you feel the onset. A hard candy you will begin to feel almost immediately due to the sublingual glands in your mouth. Those glands give the THC in your edible a pass to the front of the line in your body, as it does not have to deal with making it through the digestive system. Edibles made with carrier oils such as coconut oil, peanut butter, olive oil etc. can also amplify the effects of your edible. Something to be mindful of when choosing your first edible. Many consumers choose to start with a gummy.

The suggestion for those who are new the realm of edibles is starting with a low and slow type mentality. Meaning, start with a low dosed edible 2.5mg to 5mg is usually ideal, and see how you feel.

The slow comes into play by not gobbling down another 2.5mg because you are not feeling anything right away. This is where people sometimes get into trouble. Remember, it takes 30 minutes to two hours to feel the full encompassing psychoactive effects of your edible.

The hangover from too many edibles is real. It likely will not be met with prayers to the porcelain gods (unless you ate them on an empty stomach) but you will feel incredibly groggy and almost disconnected. Almost like what your head feels like when you have a head cold. No one wants this, so follow the tips suggested above and hopefully you will not end up being “that friend”.

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