Joints, Pre-Rolls and Blunts – A Complete Guide

Joints, Pre-Rolls and Blunts – What Is Best For You?

A Complete Guide


The world of ready to smoke cannabis products has much to offer, and the ingenuity of these products seems to grow daily. Convenient hassle free flower consumption is a goal for many consumers, especially those who do not wish to keep paraphernalia around the house.

Pre-rolls, blunts, joints, infused pre-rolls and spliffs. All words to describe some form of cannabis rolled into a convenient ready to smoke product. But… Are they all the same thing? Each is a slightly different variation of the same general concept, yet each unique in their own way.


The Wonderful World Of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls consist of cannabis already rolled for the patient and packed into a hemp or rice cone with a crutch (some call this the “filter”). This differs from a joint, which is usually cannabis rolled into the same type of paper but without the crutch. Most prefer the crutch, as it keeps any unwanted cannabis crumbs and resin from your mouth while you smoke.

Pre-rolls will vary in their size, from “dog walkers”, tiny guys perfect for a quick smoke session; all the way up to full gram pre-rolls, and sometimes even two grams, and almost everything in between.

Arizona Natural Concepts is the perfect place for pre-rolls in Phoenix with two options for their house rolled pre-rolls. The Peace Pack, which consists of three .5g pre-rolls or a full one gram option. Both boast hand ground buds (no shake!) carefully rolled and packed into a hemp cone. They can be found in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options. Perfect for a hike, a day on the water or curled up with a book!

Puff Puff Pass – The Blunt

Traditionally, blunts were made when tobacco was taken out of the belly of a cigar and replaced with cannabis. Legally, tobacco products cannot be sold in conjunction with cannabis products in Arizona. However, the same wraps used in cigars come in tobacco free options, and cannabis brands have seized that opportunity. These wraps allow for a slower burn and a superior taste. New era blunts all come complete with some type of crutch, with many companies opting for a glass version. The glass crutch is a lovely touch, and well worth the price point.

Blunts also come in a variety of sizes, with smaller blunts coming in multi packs. The big boys are sold alone and can weigh anywhere from a full gram all the way up to two grams. A nice smoking option for a large group.


Infused Options For Extra Elevations

Concentrates have found their home nestled amongst the bed of cannabis flowers. Concentrates added to pre-rolls or blunts are referred to as “infused”. As with most things cannabis related, there are multiple options.

THCA or Diamond infused pre-rolls or blunts have ground up cannabis diamonds mingled with flower for an extra punch of THC. Some companies even offer a blunt or pre-roll with diamonds dusted on the outside of the cone or blunt. These smokey treats usually burn slow and are perfect for a group meeting.

THC crystals are a commodity amongst the cannabis community, kief is a collection of those crystals. The thing that makes this dusty product a hot item is the broad cannabinoid spectrum and aromatic terpene content. The addition of kief to a pre-roll or blunt is a tasty offering for the savvy connoisseur.

Distillate is a saucy extract high in THC. You can find this concentrate infused into flower or painted on the outside of a pre-roll or blunt.

ANC’s house concentrate brand, Achieve, offers Super Doobs. These infused pre-rolls come in .5 option or a multi pack of the .5 Super Doobs. If you are feeling extra saucy, go for the full gram doob.

Super Doobs are hemp cones rolled and packed with premium hand ground buds (never shake!). Then, they are carefully painted with broad spectrum distillate and dusted with kief. Super Doobs are the perfect infused pre-roll for concentrates and premium flower on the go!

Hash comes in various forms, but it’s temple ball form, it can be rolled up into a pre-roll, often times referred to as a “snake in the grass”. This give your pre-roll an extra punch you do not want to miss. Ask your ANC budtender for a gram of Achieve Temple Ball Hash to infuse your very own pre-roll.

Spliffs – The One You Will Not Find In A Dispensary

Spliffs are joints or blunts with tobacco rolled into the ground up cannabis flower. This was a crowd favorite for many years, as the tobacco can somewhat mask the aroma of the cannabis.

These cannot be found in dispensaries in Arizona as state law prohibits the sale of cannabis products with any type of tobacco products. Therefore, this would have to be something you would roll at home on your own.

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