Superdoober Review

Superdoober Review – by Erik Redburn

From Cheech to Chong – a joint is, without a doubt, the most classic and timeless way to consume your cannabis. Adding the latest and the greatest in distillate and concentrate tech only serves to elevate your experience. The fusion of these ideas comes to craft in ANC’s very own Superdoober.

Painted by your local weed artisans with layers of distillate and topped with a sprinkle of kief, the Superdoober has been one of my absolute favorite things to smoke since they came to ANC Dispensary. Coming in half or full gram variants, these infused joints have the potency potential to rival any concentrate, and both will be leagues ahead from your regular flower. I tend to split my session with the full gram Superdoob in two, with the high on both half grams lasting for about 30 minutes. If you are looking for that one thing that’s going to save your high, day or night, it’s Superman a Superdoober. In Strength, they earn a 4 out of 5.

Superdoober has been one of my absolute favorite things to smoke since they came to ANC Dispensary

Sometimes you have to trade value for quality. Although the half gram Superdoober burns a bit quicker than a regular half gram J, the full gram Superdoobers remedies the issue, as the distillate melts down the paper of the J, infusing it as it burns. With a lower burning point than flower, some would say that a portion of the distillate is used inefficiently. This is however made up for by the dizzyingly strong combination of terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC content. To the discerning smoker, this is absolutely worth the reduced value. Consider splitting your session into two rounds, as they tend to pack a punch. They earn a 3.5 on value.

Taste is where the Superdoob sets itself apart from the regular Joints. The concentrate tip combined with the kief accentuates the flavors of the strain, and sets a strong start for the whole session. The only issue I noticed was a tendency for the half gram version to burn a little hot close to the filter, but the problem is solved with a bowl or bong to finish it off. The underlying strain of Alien Cookies on the Indica was both flavorful and smooth – a 3.5 out of 5 on taste.

The Superdoobers are excellent additions to the ANC line up, and provide the definitive solution for when you’re looking to make a night special. If you haven’t experienced the magic of an infused joint before, they are a must try.

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