ANC 3 Pack Preroll Review

ANC 3 Pack Preroll Review

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The ANC 3-Pack Joints are a must-try.

The ANC 3 packs of Joints combine quality, value, and convenience into a single package, with 3 half gram pre-rolls of premium cannabis. Some of the most recognizable and potent strains, such as Alien Cookies (Indica) or Modified Bananas (I) can be found in our packs. This week, I took on the arduous task of smoking 3 different 3 preroll packs over the last week, testing everything from Strength to Burn quality, and was impressed by what I found. In Strength (or effectiveness), I’d give the packs a 3.5/5.

Each .5g preroll is a perfect amount to get you through a couple of hours where you need to level off and relax. Quality weed products make for a quality bouquet. Flavor and aroma are both present, and to the discerning smoker, these characteristics are what separate the outstanding from the mediocre. I won’t speak to the strain-specifics, but more to the fact that the flavor of the strains was apparent when smoking the ANC prerolls. One of the joints might not get you to the moon, especially if you were to share it, but the problem is quickly solved once you realize there are three joints in a pack!

ANC Dispensary First Time Patient Deal Pre Rolls

Value is where the 3 preroll packs shine.

At $12 for 1.5 grams of pre-rolled joints, the 3 packs are a steal for any joint aficionado. The value starts building once you factor in strain quality and convenience – 3 joints are always better than one, while not breaking the banks and providing unmatched versatility. They get a 5 on Value.

Lastly, the ANC joints burned consistently, with only about a third of the joints having a desire to run or burn poorly. By catching canoeing tendencies early on, this isn’t much of an issue. 3.5 on consistency.

To Sum up, the ANC 3-pack of joints are a fantastic value to complete your purchase. If you’re tired of rolling your own, this is a perfect alternative. A premade joint, in a convenient package, ready to burn, is an under appreciated luxury. The ANC 3 packs’ versatility and $12 price tag makes it impossible to pass up. At the end of the day, although I’m consistently wowed by all the new premium joints out there, I’ll always value simplicity. A joint to share over an Arizonan sunset with a friend. With 3 joints, the possibilities are endless. The ANC 3-Pack Joints are a must-try.

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