Yummy Gummy 100mg Review


Yummy Gummy 100mg Review


Edibles are difficult to dose correctly, and require some experience to effectively gauge their relative strength with your body and its unique metabolism. “Start Slow Go Slow” is the Yummy Gummy slogan.

The Yummy Gummy 100 mg singles have made me rethink my stance on edibles.


In the last weeks, the singles are something that I have truly grown to love… in part because of their flavor, a fresh and fruity mango that does a great job of hiding the distillate inside, and in part because of their potency, which consistently make their mark as heavy hitters, consistently delivering a wave of elation that you can ride like the Hawaiian Surf. They come scored, allowing for smart dosing as needed by cutting the gummy in halves or quarters, and are available for purchase recreationally. This makes them perfect for solving common issues like sleep aid and pain management.



In terms of potency, 100 mg is a kicker. Even for experienced users, a full gummy might prove a worthy foe – Do not be afraid to cut along the scores to create a more manageable dose. This way you also increase the amount of time the gummies will last. The high was excellent, blending a clear and mellow head high with a relaxing fuzziness throughout the body.  In Strength they earn a 4 out of 5.

For Recreational patients who are experienced smokers, the Yummy gummy singles steal the show for your value edible. They run 10$, which is a much better price point than the alternatively dosed 10mg 10packs at 18$. They are the same potency as the whole bag, and can be dosed similarly according to need. Medical patients can also get the 100mg 5 pack, or 50mg 10 packs, at the same value per milligram. Overall, the value that they provide to med and rec patients, again earns them a 4 out of 5.

Yummy-Gummy-Singles-Recreational-EdibleTaste/Bouquet – Yummy Gummy edibles are definitely a step above the rest. ANC has it’s own in-house kitchen and distillery where they combine distillate and gelatin, with terpenes put back in to create the unique Sativa or Indica profiles that your body and nervous system recognize (Without these terpenes, you are left with a hybrid, which are most edibles you find). The taste of the mango is delicious, and eating mangoes are supposed to get you higher! Maybe this combination is what makes these gummies hit so spot on. One of my favorite gummy’s period. They get a 5 out of 5.

Ultimately, the gummy fills the role of something simple that will keep your high alive and going strong through any situation. Give it a try next time you’re in!

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