Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing has been common practice for many years in the medical field and is now finding its place in the world of medicinal marijuana. There is some conflicting information out regarding microdosing, therefore we hope to clear up some of the confusion based on what we see daily while helping patients.

Microdosing is most beneficial for individuals who are new to cannabis. Fascinating research is leading people from all walks of life to explore the benefits of this plant. As with most new things it is helpful to get your bearings about you in the beginning, which is the exact purpose of microdosing.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that when microdosing with cannabis it is best to use a fully infused edible or a tincture. These mediums will allow you to properly control your dosing. We are even beginning to see microdosed cannabis in pill form.

…as far as exact dosing is concerned, it is suggested to start with 2.5 milligrams once a day.


Now, as far as exact dosing is concerned, it is suggested to start with 2.5 milligrams once a day. If you are a first-time cannabis user it is best practice to make sure your schedule is clear and you do not have anything or anyone who may need attention. Everyone will experience cannabis a bit differently, therefore, it is just wise to allow yourself the time to see how you react. Most of the time you can expect to feel a bit relaxed, maybe hungry and probably a little thirsty.

Once you are comfortable with 2.5 milligrams once a day, you may feel like it “wears off”, if that is the case simply take a dose in the morning and a dose in the evening. Some patients prefer upping their dose to 4-5 milligrams once per day. We usually suggest this for those patients who are using cannabis to help them sleep.

When microdosing it is most productive to use a 1:1, which is one part THC and one part CBD. The Entourage Effect tells us these cannabinoids work more effectively if taken together. The CBD will also help offshoot some of the psychoactive effects of the THC. Basically, you should get more bang for your microdosing buck by adding CBD. Some brands are producing tinctures with other cannabinoids as well, which offers significant help for those struggling with anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain, PTSD, epilepsy and an array of other physical and psychological concerns.

Most patients are comfortable with their initial dosing for about six months, but this is not an absolute, and differs for everyone. There are some studies suggesting patients should only ever microdose, and that once your tolerance is peaked at that 2.5 milligrams, you should discontinue use of cannabis for 30 days and restart your regimen. We do not suggest this approach. There is no danger in increasing your cannabis consumption, but there is danger when a patient is no longer receiving relief from their symptoms.

…we suggest patients continue increasing their dosage small amounts at a time; usually an increase of 1.5 milligrams per day for two days…

Instead, we suggest patients continue increasing their dosage small amounts at a time; usually an increase of 1.5 milligrams per day for two days renders the best results. If at any time you feel the increase is too much, you can always decrease your dose. As mentioned above, everyone will process cannabis differently, therefore, what dose works for someone else may not work for you.

The most comforting thing to know is that you do not run the risk of overdosing or doing any harm to yourself if you experiment with your dosing. Unlike pharmaceuticals, changing your dose and figuring out what works best for you will not put your health at risk.

It is important to note that for some of the more major health concerns, microdosing is just preparing you for what you should be taking. Some conditions require a heavy dose of cannabis, and microdosing allows you time to adjust to what is commonly referred to as a therapeutic dose.  This can be an intimidating thought for some, but rest assured, if done properly your body and mind will adjust and you can begin your healing.

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