Seven Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Inhaling

Seven Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Inhaling

The inhaling of smoke is an idea many find repellant, which has led some not to partake in the consumption of cannabis. Thankfully, entrepreneurs around the globe have concocted multiple ways to consume this wonderful plant without having to inhale.

Edibles– Savvy chefs from all walks of  life can infuse nearly any edible product you can imagine. Dispensaries in legal states carry a wide variety of medicated foods. These foods can range from gummy treats, to vegan protein bars with limited ingredients, to delectable chocolates and caramel.

There are some tips when it comes to consuming edibles that first time consumers should absolutely keep in mind. Start slow and low. Meaning, start with 2.5 milligrams and wait an hour or two before you eat more. Edibles effect everyone differently, and it is just best to see how you feel after eating a small amount.  You will NOT feel the effects of edibles immediately. Please keep that in mind while munching. Also, be sure to have some food in your stomach as edibles on an empty stomach can tend to make the consumer feel a bit nauseous. On that note, being hydrated is also a key factor in consuming edibles. A dehydrated edible high can feel rather unpleasant as it can produce headaches and pretty intense cotton mouth. You can find more information on edible consumption.

Medicated Beverages / Syrups- Many companies have introduced medicated beverages onto the market. These beverages run the gamut. There are soda, teas, and juices all in various flavors to please any palette. The medicated syrups give the consumer a little more freedom. These are flavored syrups that can be put into any desired beverage. This also allows the consumer to dose their beverage as much or as little as they choose. Differing from edibles, the liquid consumption of cannabis will produce an almost immediate high. Keep in mind the high will continue in its intensity for two hours, give or take, after initial consumption.

Tinctures- If you have ever shopped at a health food store or a vitamin shop you have no doubt seen the rows and rows of little dropper bottle filled with mysterious oils. Tinctures made from plants are nothing new, and the cannabis community has embraced this method with open arms. Tinctures are to be dropped under the tongue, allowing the sublingual vein on the bottom of the tongue to absorb the medicine, giving the consumer an immediate result. Depending on how the tincture is emulsified, you may or may not have to allow the tincture to rest under the tongue for 30-45 seconds for the best results. Some companies produce tinctures with other medicinal values in them; such as other beneficial cannabinoids or essential oils. Tinctures are a wonderful option for those struggling with GI issues and those undergoing cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation.

Topicals- Medicated salves have become a mainstay in many dispensaries due to their ability to help relieve joint and muscle pain. Topicals also come in a wide variety of choices. There are topicals that are just THC some that are just CBD, yet some that have both. You can find topicals that have the warming effect and also those with the cooling effect. Topicals should not produce any psychoactive effect, however, some individuals have reported feeling a slight head change when using topicals.

Bath Salts- Medicated bath salts are a nice relaxing way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. A soak in a medicated bath will produce some bit of a psychoactive high for the majority of individuals, sometimes so small it is barely noticeable. However, the joint and muscle relief from these baths are what keeps so many people coming back for more. Some folks will use medicated bath salts in their foot baths at home after a long day on their feet.

Suppository- These can be inserted into the rectum or into the vagina. Many women use these during their menstrual cycles to help with cramps. There has also been some interesting research about positive effects men with prostate cancer are having with THC/CBD suppositories (although the research is new it is promising). The effects are felt almost immediately. Many consumers use these for chronic pain. It is reported the effects will last from four to eight hours. This method is also ideal for patients undergoing chemotherapy as nothing has to pass through the digestive tract and the effects are longer lasting.

Patches- Similar to a nicotine patch, some cannabis companies are producing patches filled with THC. These patches will vary in size and dosage. Some can be cut while other are encapsulated, therefore they have to applied as a whole patch. Be sure to give them a good look before taking the scissors to them. Patches are great for the consumer who does not want to ingest or inhale their cannabis. They are easily concealed and provide the effects of cannabis for as long as they are attached to your dermis. Most patches will last 24-72 hours after application.



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