FAQs about Buying and Smoking Recreational (Adult Use) Marijuana in Phoenix Arizona

Arizona Legalized Recreational (Adult Use) Marijuana!


On November 3rd 2020, Proposition 207— The Smart and Safe Arizona Act– passed and legalized recreational marijuana for everyone older than 21 in the state of Arizona.

Then, a couple of months after voters approved adult-use legalization, Arizona’s recreational sales began at Arizona Natural Concepts Dispensary in Phoenix.

After a 60% vote in favor, Arizona is now one of 17 states that’s legalized Adult Use Marijuana. Arizona has chosen the path of common sense and overturned 50 years of drug policy, which on average arrests one person every 58 seconds and costs the average tax payer billions.

Legalization removes the unnecessary risk of going to jail, or smoking low quality herb with additives or laced with random psychoactive chemicals. A heaven-sent for the normal everyday consenting adult who just wants to smoke a little weed in their free time.

How much marijuana can I legally have on my person in Arizona?

  • 1 ounce of cannabis flower
  • Of these 28 grams, 5 grams can be of concentrate

Can I purchase a 500mg edible for recreational purchase?

NoThere is a 100mg THC limit for any package of edibles and a limit of 10mg of THC for each edible serving.

The 100mg limit doesn’t limit you to only purchasing one package of edibles from ANC Dispensary at a time. It just means that the largest dosage of edibles ANC can sell you, can only contain 100mg of THC per package and every serving in that package is limited to 10mg of THC. You can purchase 280 packages of 100mg edibles if you’d like.

The 100mg limit doesn’t limit you to only purchasing one package of edibles from ANC Dispensary at a time.

Can I grow marijuana at home and how much can I grow?

You can. Proposition 207 allows adults over the age of 21 to cultivate up to 6 plants. If two or more adults live at a residence, only up to 12 plants are allowed. Even if you share a house with 3, 4, 5 other adults, you are still limited to 12 plants per allowed residence.

Prop 207 is strict about where you can grow marijuana. Check with a lawyer for specifics. Home cultivation is permitted within an enclosed area equipped with a lock that prevents access by minors. Furthermore, your plants cannot be visible to the public without the use of binoculars or drones.

At the very least, you need a tall fence with a locked gate if you want to cultivate marijuana in Arizona. For more information please reach out to a cannabis lawyer.

What Identification do I need to buy marijuana in Arizona?

You must be at least 21 years of age and be able to provide a valid form of government-issued photo ID. As a rule of thumb, you should use an ID that shows your current address and is not expired.

Can I drive marijuana out of the state or bring it into Arizona?

No. As was the case with medical marijuana, you aren’t allowed to take any cannabis that you purchased in Arizona across state lines.

Can I fly marijuana out of the state or bring it into Arizona?

No and the second you check in that bag, you’ll be a nervous wreck, so don’t do it.

Until marijuana is made legal at a federal level, avoid traveling through airports with marijuana in any form – herbal or edible. You can still be charged with a federal crime for possessing or using marijuana in any U.S. airport. The federal government owns the sky so if you get the weed above 500 feet that’s illegal too.

Where can I smoke in Arizona?

You can only consume cannabis on private property. That includes edibles and discreet vaporizers. It’s illegal to walk down the sidewalk in Phoenix smoking a joint, or to spark up in any Arizona restaurant. Don’t smoke any weed at the playground, or on the light rail, or you risk going to jail.

Like all laws, this one is open to interpretation. If you like to hot box your apartment until thick smoke wafts out into the hallway, that’s a social and legal issue. Of course, there’s a possibility of a fine or even jail time if you do something like this. Most humans are good, and we understand that if we are considerate of others and don’t blow O’s into anyone’s safe space, we might not have any trouble now that weed is legal in Arizona.

Can I drive a car after smoking marijuana?

The law currently states that any amount of THC detected while driving is grounds for prosecution. Even once you’re completely stone cold sober and can drive without impairment you can fail a roadside drug test.

Until this law changes, your choice is to smoke marijuana and walk everywhere, or you can drive and risk your freedom.

Speaking of freedom, you can’t resist a DUI test in Arizona. You can try shouting about 4th amendment rights, but you essentially give the police consent to perform a DUI as a condition of driving on the roads. Yes they are supposed to have reasonable grounds to search you, but resisting a DUI in Arizona can get you your license suspended for 12 months.

How Does Prop 207 Affect the Medical Program?

It doesn’t. There are still tax benefits to continuing to renew your Arizona medical marijuana card or applying for one if you have a debilitating medical condition.

Lower taxes: card-holding medical patients will not pay the 16% excise tax applied to adult-use cannabis in Phoenix. Medical card holders also have slightly different limits to how much they can smoke and buy. Unlike recreational users, medical users are limited to 2.5 ounces every two weeks. However, there’s no limit on concentrates or edibles for medical card holders. This means that if you want to purchase a Yummy Gummy 500mg pack of edibles, you can!


Come visit Arizona Natural Concepts! Our dispensary is conveniently located for residents of Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff will help you browse our dispensary menu to find something that appeals to you. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly! We’d love to help you through cannabis.

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