Come See Your Buds At ANC: Phoenix Deli Style Dispensary

Come See Your Buds At ANC: Phoenix Deli Style Dispensary

Choosing flower at a dispensary should never be shrouded in secrecy. Buying flower locked up in tightly sealed bags where you cannot smell or see what you are spending your hard money on is not an ideal experience.


Deli style cannabis in a jar

At Arizona Natural Concepts we are freeing the weed!

ANC is one of Phoenix’s only deli style dispensaries, offering patients the option to tantalize their senses with the delightful aroma and sights of some of the best cannabis in town. The shop boasts walls lined with jars of fresh flower to suit the delights of every person who walks through the doors.

Jars of marijuana at a dispensary in New River Arizona

The Senses Cannot Be Fooled

Deli style is the superior way to purchase your flower. The nose never lies, therefore, the chance to get a helpful whiff of what we have in our jars is a surefire to make a purchase you can truly be excited about.

What the nose does not tell you, the eyes surely will. Once you have delighted in the smells, ask one of our budtenders to shine their trusty flashlight so you can gaze at the exquisite bud structure and trichomes the flower has to offer.

Our Team Is Here To Help

The budtenders at ANC are just as enthusiastic about the new strains coming in and out of the shop as the consumers themselves. Patients can count on our knowledgeable staff to guide them as they choose which strain or strains to take home.

It is not uncommon to leave with multiple strains. Because we aim to cater to your needs, we weigh out your flower to your exact specifications, and we do it right at the register. Our budtenders encourage you to ask for particular buds you may see in the jar that are calling your name.

Sales floor of ANC Dispensary a deli style dispensary in phoenix

ANC Has Multiple Tiers To Shop From

ANC offers four different tiers of flower. Each tier varies based on the quality the aroma of the flower. The prices will vary as well, so there is something for every budget.

Our Diamond shelf is going to be the highest quality flower in the shop, followed by our Top shelf, then our Premium shelf and finally our Value shelf. All four tiers offer quality buds, but as with all things, some are just finer quality than others, however, they will all get the job done.

Each tier has multiple options in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. There is no shortage of options for every individual and their needs in our shop.

Be sure to ask your budtender about which strains are best for easing pain, aiding in restful sleep, and help with energy throughout the day. Our team is eager to help you find what works best for you.

Always Exceptional Quality

The other benefit of deli style shopping is knowing your flower has not spoiled in the bag. Organic materials will deteriorate over time, and in some conditions, they will begin to grow mold or rot. Being able to see firsthand what is being packaged up right in front of you, ensures you are bringing home high quality cannabis. Moreover, cannabis that has been packaged for extended periods of time begins to lose weight, so you end up paying for weight you are not actually taking home.

Our jars are maintained daily. The ANC team takes the care to make sure only full buds are being put into the jars. No shake in our shop! We also tend to cleaning out our jars as we switch between various strains.

The strains we carry will differ based on what is available. We have house favorites we strive to keep in stock, and we are always on the lookout the for the newest exotic strains to hit the market.

Our Daily Deli Deals

ANC offers daily deals on their deli style flower. Our wake and bake early bird special runs Monday to Saturday from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. Our afternoon rush hour special also runs Monday to Saturday from 4:20 P.M. to 7:10 P.M. Be sure to ask your budtender about our other specials!

More Questions? Come Check Out Our Blog

If you are looking for more information regarding cannabis and its medicinal uses, hop on over to our blog! We go in depth about all the amazing benefits this plant has to offer, plus the best ways to use it to suit your needs. If you have questions about anything cannabis related, our blog is sure to help. Check Out Our Blog!

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