Cannabis Overdose? Impossible – Says The Data

Cannabis Overdose? Impossible – Says The Data

Overdosing on drugs is a concern in most homes throughout the nation. Access to illicit substances has become commonplace in most areas. Although the federal government continues to classify cannabis as an illicit substance, there is zero chance for an overdose while consuming cannabis alone.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse there has been no overdose fatalities linked solely to cannabis. According to Recovery Village it would take 1500 pounds of cannabis ingested in a span of 15 minutes in order to cause a fatal overdose.

In July 2019, a Louisiana coroner claimed the first death due to a marijuana overdose. Medical experts reviewing the findings determined that to be untrue and not the cause of death.

With the rise in popularity of edibles and concentrates, the effects of THC have become slightly more unpredictable, making some individuals who are not familiar with cannabis worried about accidental overdoses. However, those concerns do not seem to have any foundation in any factual data to date.

The common misconception is that stronger means unsafe, which regarding cannabis simply is not true. That being said, driving while ingesting any mind altering substance carries obvious risks.

Many articles online detail how to use cannabis safely. While the intentions are good, the information is not wholly accurate. Cannabis is used by all kinds of people in various stages of their lives for a multitude of issues. A one size fits all approach is not going to work for everyone. Limiting access to edibles and concentrates puts our most vulnerable patients at risk.

There have been decades of misinformation surrounding cannabis use and its effects on the mind and body. The more we learn the more we understand cannabis is a safe and effective treatment which carries very little risk to a patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

However, we can all rest easy knowing we are not going to accidentally overdose if we ingest a little too much marijuana. If you happen to indulge a little too much, do not despair. Here are some tips to help you get straightened out and get unhigh.


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